Alpha 0.6 - Completed and available!

Hi there everyone, welcome to the release notes for Fall Blau's alpha 0.6. This has been a monumental update for me personally, and i'll link you to an article I wrote on Fall Blau's website, which details some of the challenges of the update and how it shaped me personally.

So what's changed with 0.6?

Well, a metric ass ton:

  • Gameplay 2.0 - A new iteration on Fall Blau's gameplay regarding enemy AI behavior
    • Obstacle and cover perception
    • Newly reworked detection and target acquisition systems
    • Scripted and dynamic movement systems (allows for advancing AI in both dynamic and scripted environments)
    • AI suppression system (AI will react to getting shot at, and will stay in cover if taking too much fire)
    • AI Objective system. AI will have their own objectives which they will strive to complete.
  • Companion AI 2.0 - Companion AI are now far more dynamic, but with the ability to act in a scripted fashion, allowing for new gameplay possibilities)
    • Obstacle and cover perception
    • Player position understanding
    • Dynamic, 'Follow' state - AI follows and supports the player.
    • Scripted, 'Objective' state - AI has it's own, scripted objectives and works to complete them.
    • Newly structured attack and targeting system
  • Regenerating Health systems
  • Mosin Nagant 91-30 sniper rifle (available in levels 2 and 3) added
  • Tank AI 2.0
    • Scripted + Reactive movement systems
    • Refactored IK systems for proper tank movement and orientation
    • New targeting system
    • New projectile system
    • New health systems
  • Panzerfaust weapon added
  • Panzerfaust weapon crates (pickup points for the Panzerfaust, can pick up one panzerfaust - then wait 45s and be 10m away for it to spawn a new one)
  • New Main Menu
    • Level selection widget
    • Options menu
    • 3D sound with tabletop radio
    • dynamic camera system
    • Automatically detected graphics setting to adjust visual fidelity for best performance
  • New sounds
    • Weapons (MP40, Luger, K98k)
    • NPCs (Tanks)
    • Ambient (Distant explosions, radios
  • Reworked levels 
    • Baptism under fire
      • Central area completely reworked. Turned from an open field into a vast swamp with much more interesting cover locations
      • Street crossing near the end completely reworked. New farmhouse added, along with a soviet camp
    • Buying the farm
      • New introduction and railway area
      • Reworked riverside fight and waterwheel bridge
      • Entirely new farmhouse, farmhouse assault and farmhouse defense sections
      • (basically, the entire level was re-built from scratch
  • New level
    • Highway to Hell
      • Set in the russian town of Karpovka, "Highway to Hell" is the final mission before Stalingrad. It's the first time the player must face a tank and includes a host of new and interesting environments to explore and fight through
  • Graphical improvements
    • A bunch of new assets have been added to the game, such as photoscanned crates, new tank models, and new 3d assets
    • More will follow as the production and graphical aspects of Fall Blau ramp up progress
    • Photorealistic HDRi textures powering some of the skyboxes in the game, such as the Main Menu
    • Eventually every level will be lit by an HDRi
    • All levels switched to dynamic lighting
  • Ladders added
  • Various asset optimisations (took the game from 1.1gb to 800mb)
  • Various other bug fixes and balance changes

It has been a truly massive update. If you'd like to play it, please join the discord server where I can drop you a key for the private Alpha, thanks!

Cheers, and stay safe!


Files 4 GB
Version 0.3.2-alpha Apr 03, 2020

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