Alpha 0.2 is live now!

Hi there! Just a quick post  about the brand new update (that has labeled as 'version 1') of Fall Blau! This update brings plenty of new features and improvements and i certainly learned a lot while putting it all together. I had to rush it out just a little bit, because i'm not gonna have much more time this year to work on game dev related things and i wanted to have a bit of room in case packaging failed or i had issues with Butler (which is used to generate patches), i was really insistent that this batch be released before the new year, rather than after it, as a personal benchmark/milestone. There are still some small tweaks i will be pushing over the next few days, but the important thing is that the general update is now out, despite it's flaws.

With that said: Changelog time! (these are fun to write as they're a nice reflection of what you've worked on over the past months)

-New Map! Used to test AI, you can play on this map now, and although it's simple graphically i hope that it will be at least somewhat enjoyable to work your way through.

-AI is here! You're now able to do something other than shoot some random mannequins t-posing. These guys will stay in one spot for now (something that will hopefully change soon) and be warned, they do shoot back!

-Impact effects. Again, something that i do need to polish and will do in micro-patches in the coming weeks.

-New gun feel. The changes to recoil and camera shake really make this feel up to modern standards, at least in my opinion. I'd love to hear what you think!

-Menu system! Still moderately buggy (again, fixes coming asap) but it works for what it needs to, and means you no longer have to alt + f4 the game every time you want to close it. Not important if you play it 24/7 though.

Those are the major changes that are arriving in this patch! As always, you're free to drop feedback in the comments here or our discord server (, and i'd love to hear what you have to say! The new website is also live, though at the moment its still pretty sparse. Do take a look though at (new URL coming soon!)

That's all for me for now, see you soon!


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