Alpha 0.3 now available!

At long last, Alpha 0.3 is here!

It brings innumerable changes to core mechanics, an entirely reworked AI system, and the first fully realized map to come to Fall Blau. The full change log is here:

  • Introduced Friendly AI (Not available in current build, will be enabled in a micropatch coming soon)
  • Rewrote Enemy AI from scratch to be more performant and behave more intelligently
    • Enemy AI will now react to getting shot
    • Enemy AI will now search for cover if caught out of cover
    • Enemy AI now has a delay on firing (for certain units) as a balancing method
    • Enemy AI will now not be 100% accurate
  • New level selection screen
  • Introduced more granular graphics options to enable better performance on lower end devices/higher resolution displays
  • New recoil system
  • Rewritten peek over cover when crouching and aiming down sights
  • Rewritten bolt-action weapons
  • Redone enemy weapon sounds
  • Weapon reloading sounds
  • New level: "Last Stop"
  • Cold Breath feature (available on the Alpha 0.1 test map)
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes

You can now download the update from, with a total size of about 4.3 gb

Enjoy, and if you have any feedback you're free to join the official Fall Blau discord server here.

Thanks for playing!



Fall 4 GB
Version 0.3.0 Mar 14, 2020

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